How We Finally Got Rid of Our Roach Infestation Before My Mother-In-Law Arrived…

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I love my husband’s mother.

I really do.

She’s so caring and devoted.

She’s a wonderful role model for my daughters.

I have no problems with her…except when it comes to my house.

She wants everything to be perfect! Her house always is perfect.

You see, unlike her, I have a full-time job, two children still at home, and my husband has a highly unpredictable schedule. I’m not complaining. I love my life. My mother-in-law just wants things perfect and I don’t have time for perfect….

Hi, my name is Monica. We had a roach infestation in our house.

We had family coming over soon for our daughter’s wedding, so we had to do something about the roaches.

I didn’t want my mother-in-law to judge me or think that I “can’t keep my home clean”.

So I had my son do some googling to come up with some “do-it-yourself” solutions.

And so here is what we tried…

DIY Solution #1 – Deny them food and water

Roaches are always on the hunt for food and water.

So naturally the first thing we did was to…

Deny them food and water…as much as we could.

We cleaned the house thoroughly which included sweeping, mopping, taking the trash out regularly and making sure no food was left out for the roaches, however…

What I soon came to find out is that even if we managed to keep the house 100% clean and didn’t leave a single crumb, roaches will still eat leather, book bindings, paper, plants, bar soap, wallpaper paste, makeup and even glue on the back of stamps.

So unless you plan to literally get rid of everything in your home that is organic or wet (like your sink/pipes and air conditioning unit), they will definitely find something to eat and drink, even when your home or apartment is squeaky clean.

Next, we tried…

DIY Solution #2 – “Sticky” Traps

This involved placing adhesive-based traps in key locations around the house.

I read in an article somewhere that one way to find out where the roaches were coming from was to place these “sticky traps” in “high trafficked” areas like…

…kitchen counters, kitchen floor, cabinets, bathroom, cracks or holes in the walls and doorways (specifically any doors leading to the outside).

That very same day/night you will start to catch the first roach victims.

And over the course of a few days you will begin to notice that some sticky traps have more roach victims than others which you can then use to make some educated guesses as to where the “roach nest” is.

The only problem with these “sticky traps” is that they only catch the roaches that venture outside of the nest.

It does NOT get rid of the nest.

And if you don’t get rid of the nest, you don’t get rid of the problem because the roaches will continue to reproduce and they’ll continue to come out and hunt for food and water or whatever else they can find.

So after finding out that the roaches would just keeping coming out in droves unless we did something to exterminate the roach nest, we tried…

DIY Solution #3 – Poisonous Roach Baits

After doing some more research we learned that to get rid of the roach nest we have to poison the roaches in a way that doesn’t kill them immediately.

This way they are still able to go back to their nest and contaminate the rest.

How does it work?

They’ll die in the nest and other roaches will eat the dead roach that had the poison and when they die other roaches will eat it and the cycle continues.

The only problem with this approach is that even though it IS effective in reducing the roach population, we found that when done incorrectly or not in a consistent manner, the roaches will ADAPT to the poison and soon become immune to it.

So what did we do that worked?

Solution #4 – We hired a professional to do it for us…

We called 855-402-1416 a handy pest control hotline that connects you with the best pest control professionals in your area at the best prices.

They offered me a free estimate and advised us to get on a quarterly plan.

It turns out that doing it this way on the quarterly system, the professional is able to attack the roach problem in different ways every time they visit.

This means by the time the roach nest adapts to the poison from the first visit…

…a new poison gets introduced to exterminate the “survivors” on the second visit.

And it just flat out works!

At first I was a bit skeptical — do they really need to come every quarter? Or are they just trying to get me on the hook so that I pay them more money?

But I got on the quarterly plan anyway, because everything else I had tried previously hadn’t worked.

Now, we hardly see any roaches and even at times when the house gets a bit messy and the kids leave food laying around we still don’t see roaches.

In fact, it’s been weeks since I’ve seen one and the ones I do see are already dead because my cat kills them instantly 😉

I hired a professional because I knew I wouldn’t have the time to keep up with always spraying or placing new poisons. I didn’t know which ones to get or which ones were safe – especially since we didn’t want our kids or cat to get sick!

I really just didn’t want to mess with it all!

The professional took a lot off my plate and gave me the peace of mind that it would just be taken care of, instead of me having to worry about it or keep up with it.

And the best part?

My mother-in-law wasn’t able to get her quip in… “If you only kept your house cleaner, you wouldn’t have roaches!” 😉

If you’re experiencing a similar situation I can’t recommend the following handy pest control hotline enough…

They’ll connect you with the best pest control companies in your area at the best prices.

They’re friendly and will give you a free estimate with no obligation.

Pest Control Hotline
Call 855-402-1416

*Their lines are open 24/7, however, if you call and get a busy tone, just keep trying again until you connect with someone.  Word is spreading so they’re most likely dealing with higher than normal call volumes.

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