5 Texas Cockroaches You Need To Know About Plus the One Most Likely To Make Your Family Sick…

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If you live in Texas…

…you know about cockroaches. They’re ugly. They scurry everywhere when you turn a light on at night. And they can be very hard to get rid of. And someone has probably told you that they’re a sign of a dirty house.

What Kinds of Problems do Roaches Cause?

What you may not know, is that of the 30 or so species that we have in Texas, there are only 5 kinds that you really need to know about. These 5 types of roaches are the most likely to want to try to live in your house and they can make your family sick.

The last time one of your family members was sick and you thought maybe the egg salad sandwich was left out of the fridge too long? Maybe. Or maybe it was the roaches living in your kitchen.

Wait a minute, what?

Yes. Think about it. You tell your kids to wash their hands after they go the bathroom, or take out the trash, right? Everyone knows that those kinds of germs can make people sick. Your cockroach residents didn’t get the memo. They think nothing of climbing through the garbage before exploring your cabinets and climbing across your nice, clean plates. Gross!!

So they’re not just minor pests that are a bit annoying. It isn’t just about being afraid to walk across your floor barefoot or having to shoo them away when you turn the light on at night.

Research has shown that in addition to all the germs they come into contact with, they also can carry hundreds of viruses, parasites, & bacteria, (including ones that cause e.coli and salmonella, you know, food poisoning?) that can cause you or a member to get pukingly (and sometimes dangerously) sick.

FACT: If the illness they can bring isn’t enough, cockroaches also leave behind problems for humans.They leave bodily fluids & feces as well as discarding parts from their periodic shedding. These things can cause allergic reactions and are particularly problematic for those with asthma and COPD.

What Kind of Roach Do I Have?

The worst part about trying to identify the type of roach you have, is having to look at them! Other than that, identification is pretty simple. The 5 kinds of roaches you’re likely to be dealing with all look pretty different. The infographic included inside the report below will help you to identify which type of roach you have.

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What Can I Do About the Roaches?

Having a dirty house won’t make you have roaches. However keeping a clean house will make it much easier to get rid of them. Let’s break that down.

1. Don’t feed the roaches.
The first thing to do is to reduce easy-to-get sources of food. That means wiping down surfaces, cleaning up crumbs, keeping all food in sealed, air-tight containers. Clean scraps out of the sink and make sure to remove garbage from your house frequently.
Make sure to fix all water leaks. The only way to make sure roaches can’t find water in your house is not to have any water in your house. That simply isn’t practical. But you can remove the standing water from air conditioner leaks and prevent the sinks from dripping.

2. Reduce the number of places roaches can easily hide.
Clean up piles of clutter (both indoors and outside) that give them additional places to hide. Piles of magazines and clothing in dark corners, leaves and lawn clippings outdoors are good things to remove.

3. Use DIY Pest Control Solutions.
You’ll want to take into consideration if you have children or animals living in your home, if any family members have allergies to specific ingredients (chemical or natural) in the remedy, and how environmentally friendly you want to be, when you decide what methods you want to try out.

When getting rid of cockroaches, remember, it isn’t enough to kill most of the roaches. You need to eliminate ALL of them. One or two German cockroaches can start an infestation in a very short period of time.

Is There Anything I Shouldn’t Do?

Please don’t use chemical or natural solutions without reading the directions. Chemicals need to be treated with care or they can be dangerous. Natural ingredients also need to be treated with the same kind of care. “Natural” does not mean that they are “safe”, it simply means they are an organic compound. They can also be dangerous when not used properly.

What If Those Things Don’t Work or I Don’t Want to Mess With Them?

You may find yourself in a situation where the remedies you have tried just aren’t working. You may also be uninterested or simply too busy to devise a solution yourself. A professional pest service may be a good solution for you.

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